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3rd Japanese class of the term

There is much to be said about the difference people have noticed in my Japanese skill within the past 3 weeks (since school started again). Not only have I refreshed my skills in hiragana and katakana but I am finally starting to learn Kanji. Kanji is based off the traditional chinese writing system. It is very artful in its design and character creation.

The class began with an engineer who went to Japan recently for work showing his experience on a slide show. Most of the time during his trip he was drunk, so we were really seeing him extremely inebriated and partying with his friends rather than the culture of Japan. I wonder how many people in the class who have not been to Japan have a distorted drunken perspective of Japan. The remaining pictures in his slideshow were of toilets, signs and landmarks (Tokyo Tower, etc.)

.Toilet from engineers slide show

The class has now gone through over 30 verbs and sentence construction is finally looking feasible. By the end of the class my brain was hurting…..too much information for one day. Tonight, with the information still fresh in my mind I will review what I learned.



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